Want dating advice from a WOE?

Since August 2015 I have been tossed around on uncertain seas. There was Bob who died on April 22 and you can read about that here and I could say many things except that I did make a fine speech at his funeral, which I rewrote 18 times. It was short Normally if I write a 3000 word article I only write it once. So I think that says it all. I even managed to reference the Lego Movie which I thought was good going. And then I began writing my dating guide. Tough love as you would expect but a lot of fun too. It’s called Cinderella Has Left The Building. Subtitle: Sex, sanity and self-respect in the lawless land of modern dating. I realised I had so much material but more than that, I had rather useful advice to pass on. So with the help of my web designer I want to make WOE a place where you can seek that advice or simply ask for my point of view. As a woman who has been there (and there and there) and done it as a single, married and live-in, I may have some useful information. I currently have super-intelligent friends who simply find the current dating environment insane. And lacking in manners. So I’m going to address that and produce some practical (and amusing) advice. Advice without wit is pointless and boring and we can’t descend into that. We have standards.

Do write to me and let me know what you’d like me to address. You can reach me at woe@womanofexperience.com.

It’s not all about me, me me. It’s time I addressed you. Do pass to confused friends who are bordering on insanity due to online dating. Or even marriage. I have observed enough to know that’s a tough gig these days.

I will post tomorrow, while I wait for your barrage of suggestions and ideas and, of course, those questions.

3 comments for “Want dating advice from a WOE?

  1. Andrew
    June 23, 2016 at 10:06

    I am so pleased to see you back with your mojo WOE. More please.

  2. Charlene
    July 9, 2016 at 17:45

    Hello WOE! I think the best format to start would be something focused on a particular individual woman in the dating scene. Although there are commonalities, ever situation at least seems different on the surface. General advice is difficult to apply for the beginner, and most women (especially those who return to) dating over 40 seem to get stuck in the beginner stage and it goes downhill from there. How to get out of being a beginner at dating….

    Perhaps not an advice column exactly, but a sitdown with someone who is struggling, a summary of the situation, what you and she decide is the best path forward (and perhaps some followup). Or, stories of “success” (however that is defined…meeting someone, retaining one’s self respect, having fun) and what might have led to that.

    Glad you are back. Thank you for sharing your story about Bob. I for one want to learn about how to die, before it is staring me in the face…

    • woe
      July 9, 2016 at 23:58

      I will take your suggestions as that sounds like a good way to go. Please keep sending. Hello@lenasemaan.com

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