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I began sometime in 2007 and for three years posted with some alacrity and I think, some quality. For two years following that I posted though I wasn’t so happy with my content and due to work and life commitments, was unable to keep posting as frequently as I’d have liked to.

Six months ago after starting some other blogs, I decided I had to get back to this one. It meant I had to put stuff back that had been left in web archive. If I only I knew about technology then what I know now.I’ve converted the web archives to text; it means the comments are lost which is a shame as they were mostly rather erudite and clever.

So, the cryogenic storage of the blog didn’t work so well in terms of links but I think a few of the posts stand up. Some make me cringe a little and some make me proud. Compared to today’s product placement blogging it seems quite naive but it was what I, as a writer, wanted to do. And here I go again.




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