I originally wrote the WOE blog from 2007-2011. Those were the halcyon days of blogging, when the landscape was populated with people who had opinions and could write: political bloggers with brains and fire, sex bloggers that were thoughtful and properly filthy and provocateurs like me who enjoyed baiting female journalists, amongst other things. We dashed around our keyboards, visiting, making witty but not always complimentary comments and that’s the way we liked it.  Like all things, those days filtered out of our lives. A couple of years ago, I decided I’d start again, just as a place I could warm up my words. I’m a little less distant in this blog: originally I wrote in the third person as a deliberate measure, thus creating a certain impression of who I was. I am true to my words and I don’t write what I wouldn’t say to someone’s face (truly)  but like all people, there are many sides to me. This is only one of them.