You can never have it all

Isla Fisher: 'You can't have it all'

Having it all has become the default interview topic for a certain kind of fortunate woman, often in film. You know the deal: beautiful actress is interviewed about her life, her gorgeous kids, her houses, her movies, her couture and does her best to tell us that IT IS JUST SO HARD JUGGLING THE WHOLE DAMN SHEBANG. Hello there Isla Fisher, latest recruit to a flawed paradise. She gets Anne Hathaway’s cast offs. Grim. Still at least she doesn’t labour the working mother bit as much as Kate Winslet. There goes a woman who lost the plot a long time ago.

Can you ever have it all? ¬†Woman of Experience once worked for a billionaire lady who was totally exhausted from flitting between Klosters, the Hamptons, the Bahamas, New York and various other destinations. She didn’t work, she didn’t do anything except get manicures between trips, but she was genuinely exhausted. One day she confided to Woman of Experience that this life she had was full of its own pressures. “I know it looks like I have it all but I don’t.” She was missing out on something. Space. To herself. And somehow she was right. Her headspace had been kidnapped by a social calendar, the need to put in appearances and she didn’t know how to get it back.

There is an inherent emptiness in being human. It’s the thing that manifests itself when you’ve walked into a room and felt amazing only to feel empty and alone in a crowd two hours later. Perhaps it’s a reminder that no matter how good it gets, there is something we won’t ever have. At the lowly level we mere mortals operate at, to have it all is actually not asking for that much. If you’re living in a gutter, your ‘ALL’ is even less.

In Hollywood, the theatre of dreams the creator of the Next Big Thing, this effect is multiplied by the power of ten trillion. You can have it all, but just for a moment. Then it’s someone else’s turn. And god, that emptiness must ache.

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