Woman of Experience returns

Hello and welcome to WOE. Some of you will know WOE  ran happily from 2007 until 2011, though like many bloggers that last year of operation was a little erratic. Life interfered with blogging until it took over. In 2012 I just felt the standard was dropping. Attempts to capture that old je ne sais quoi were futile.

At the time I archived it, Blogger was not being helpful and would not let me archive the posts so that they could return as seen. So the only way for the 400 or so posts to appear on here in the archives was as PDF’s. If you don’t know WOE I recommend the earlier ones to start with. You can zoom in to read them or download them. I’ll occasionally feature ‘best ofs’ on here, ie: The ones that received thousands of hits or were picked up by mainstream media or other bloggers or the ones I like.  The subjects remain the same: social commentary about people, relationships, technology, the narcissism that is journalism today and some really silly stuff. WOE was notable for its gender-neutral stance. For women readers who are new, that does not mean I hate women: just that I believe they should stand up and be counted, same as men.

Yours without fear or favour


1 comment for “Woman of Experience returns

  1. ChiefCrowLeg
    May 13, 2013 at 12:54

    Good to see you are back; saw a couple of links on your Facebook updates but only just noted your new website today. Happy Days 🙂

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