Revenge Sex Pictures: The loaded gun in the bedroom

Woman of Experience remembers when revenge on an ex consisted of things like throwing his vinyl records out of the window. The lack of vinyl these days is problematic admittedly: throwing an iPod out of the window simply does not go to the heart of the matter. Apparently revenge sex pictures do. Who needs a best mate to dream up ways to get back at the person who dumped you on love’s scrapheap, when you have the internet close by, ready to help? Your WOE understands how it all seems so tempting and moreover, it’s easy. Some phone pics taken in drunken, amorous circumstances (or perhaps not) and a bunch of people out there ready to critique, mock and hate. Job done.

Of course it’s not just about women being photographed – it happens to men too and there are some pretty sick revenger women out there – but the fact is women are more likely to be. Now it’s just a little too simplistic to suggest this is because men are the instigators. And they are evil. The third wave feminists would have you believe this however they would also have you believe that walking down the street naked can be empowering for a woman if she chooses so we don’t need to ask them.

There are more revenge sex pictures of women because they are too easily flattered. When a man draws the iPhone 5 out of its holster and pops the question, “Can I take a picture of you with your legs apart?” she feels ‘so beautiful’ she says yes. That’s what she says afterwards when the picture had done the rounds. Men may act like their dick is God but really they know it’s not something they want everyone to see, so there are fewer revenge sex pictures of them. Because it might be too small. Size does matter and you don’t want her to say, “It was too small so I dumped him.”

Anyway, WOE has been reading here about the legalities of the thing. Of course you can’t get it removed from the internet. Even if you could, how could you be sure it is really, really gone? And getting things removed is damn hard work. Try getting Google to remove a copycat blog (I just did) and that is too much trouble.

It would be preposterous to suggest there is a moral in all this: humans are fallible especially when naked and the internet is a lawless land where nobody really knows the rules. It’s all really a drag for a girl now though: Not only does she have to figure out a sexual history and if the guy is married or more likely kind of married (popular one that). Otherwise sharing the love could mean sharing the revenge sex picture with 2 million others.

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